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June 27, 2008


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Christofer Hoff

Hey John:

What's old is new again!

I wrote about this back in April in my post titled: "Return Of the Big, Honkin' SuperNIC and Bait and (Virtual) Switch":

A few things come to mind:

1) This is a band-aid as it basically says that because the virtual networking issues with virtualization in regards to flow manipulation, scale, performance, HA, etc. are broken at this point, we should take the concept of server virtualization and bastardize by adding more hardware to gain the performance lost to software...

2) Relying on speciality hardware means that I now have another criteria that I have to worry about when VMotion'ing my VM's -- I now have to have your special UberNIC in all my VMotion candidate servers or else it all breaks

3) Embedding the security functionality within that UberNIC means that even if it's FPGA's, I have to use YOUR security software which defeats the utility model offered by doing it in "pure" software in a VA/VM -- even if that is flawed today without VMsafe

4) Adding proprietary hardware when we're trying to trend toward COTS solutions doesn't seem to jive...

and ...

4) Ultimately we're going to see I/O virtualization and virtual switches being embedded in the CPU's themselves -- look at what Intel is already proposing.


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