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May 21, 2008


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tabitha russell

Mr. Peterson,

I have been trying to reach you and am exploring every avenue to contact you directly sir.

I am a current ProxyComm distributer and want to talk with you and members of the executive team about a LARGE potential deal in Brazil. I am working with the largest telecommunication company in Brazil (over 82 % of all fixed/mobile/broadband lines) who wants to finalize business talks with ProxyComm over integrating the ProxyComm technology with their growing consumer and business market. We even have research done on price point as the company is at the point that they want to talk how to monetarily benefit both companies.

I have sent you a Fed Ex letter with sensitive business information. I have also sent this to Bob Darabant. I need to get to the right person who can tell my team how to proceed with this - we have tried to contact members of the ProxyComm executive team through our upline - Austin Peterson with no avail.

Please get back to me as soon as possible as this window will not last long and they have been waiting on a response from ProxyComm for a while.


Tabitha Russell

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