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March 18, 2008


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Tamar Newberger

Thank you for covering the important topic of security for virtual environments. While I cannot speak for the other vendors who address security from a different angle, I am here to tell you that Catbird *both* monitors and protects. With Catbird V-Security, IT admins can actually quarantine a "rogue guest" VM- say, one that was configured without authorization, or which violates an established corporate policy, or which has crossed a threshold in terms of allowed vulnerabilities, among other conditions. Quarantine means that the offending VM cannot communicate with the network or other VMs on its subnet and therefore does not risk infecting them. Think of it as Network Access Control and policy enforcement (not just monitoring) for your virtual network.

Please visit to learn more. Thanks!
Tamar (Marketing Veep)


I agree with what you said.

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