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John Peterson is the CTO and Founder of Monego Networks and is responsible for setting the company’s product vision and go to market strategy. John founded Montego Networks with over 20 years of experience in leadership, technology and innovation and has experiences from leading technology innovators including US Robotics, 3Com, Cisco Systems, NetScreen, Fortinet and most recently Reflex Security.

Functioning as the Chief Product Officer at Reflex, John invented and architected the industries first 10 gigabit Intrusion Prevention System called the MG5 and MG10. Prior to Reflex John held the role of VP of Products & Systems Engineering at Fortinet. John’s most notable endeavor there was in launching and growing the company’s position in the high end UTM market by increasing sales and product awareness of Fortinet’s blade based security architecture called the 5000 series. Prior to Fortinet John was the Director of Worldwide Systems Engineering at NetScreen, where he built and led a global technical sales organization. This included the scaling of NetScreen's Systems Engineering organization from 5 to 90 members and helped lead NetScreen to a successful IPO in 2001 and ultimately the company's 2004 sale to Juniper Networks for 4 billion dollars. John also served as a United States Marine and completed his studies in Aviation Electronics and Electronic Warfare.


John has a number of interests but his favorite pass times are reading about technology, scuba diving, skiing and his all time favorite is traveling. John has traveled and lived abroad and has had the privilege to travel to places like: Japan, Korea, Singapore, China, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Guam, Wake Island, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Ireland, France, Germany, England, Spain, Belgium, Amsterdam, Greece, Italy, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Aruba, Bonaire, St. Thomas, St. John, Antigua, BVI, etc, etc. etc... You get the point... I love to travel!